Sunday, September 28, 2008

Objects Of Lust

Lust is a funny emotion. It is different to love. Love implies constancy over the passing of time. Lust doesn’t give a damn about time… lust wants pleasure and gratification and it wants it NOW! Love sees the flaws in the beloved… and loves them too. Lust doesn’t want to know about imperfections, lust is only interested in the good bits… the more superficial the better. With lust, what you see is what you want.

Lust can lead you down some funny pathways. The gorgeous hunk from the night before, all rolling six-pack and blond spiky hair, in the harsh light of morning suddenly looks a bit been there, done that. When he gets up to go to the bathroom and looks down fondly at his willy and says proudly to it, “You da MAN.” you know the haze of lust induced blindness has gone. The only thing you can do is hope he takes da man and gets to hell out of your apartment.

Fortunately not all objects of lust turn out to be such a disappointment. There are shoes. I had thought that this was an exclusively female lust, but my good friend J Morgan assures me some men also share this craving. For a brief time in his life Jmo pretended to be a woman, so I’m not sure how much this influenced his perceptions, People confide in him so I’m going to take his word for it, even though he fails at best friendom because he NEVER shares other people’s secrets with me.

I lust after boots. The ones at the top of the page are calling out to me. I want them, I need them, oh baby, oh baby. And I want them now. Do I care that in Australia we are heading into summer and the temperature will hover around the 95 degree mark for six months? No. I want those boots right now.

Have you ever watched little kids in a playground? No? I don’t blame you. A totally boring waste of time. There is however one thing to learn from them. They see something they want, they take it. No thought for public expectations or future consequences. That’s lust. The thing is kids grow out of it. I don’t think we ever grow out of wanting – we just learn, some of us slower than others, that there is always a morning after.

It is with great regret that I have to announce I think I am growing up. Those boots cost $1,800. I have to leave them where they are. It is summer and the lazy, strappy sandalled days will give me plenty of time to work those boots out of my system.

Yes, I have six months. If my desire for those warrior woman boots stands the test of time I’ll know it’s true love. We were meant to be together. I’m a romantic. I’m willing to sacrifice anything for love.


Lex Valentine said...

For me, it was Dooney & Bourke's giraffe purse. The day I actually bought one I thought I would have an orgasm. The day it arrived I was sure of it. I wanted to sleep with it for God's sake. I luuuuuurve that purse. When I went to T-Mobile to have them check something on my daughter's Blackberry, I saw a Dooney giraffe cell phone case... for Razrs. I was soooo pissed. I'm techie so I have a Dash - a smart phone. Nothing so plebian as a Razr. Yes. I did try to cram my Dash into one of those giraffe cell cases. It was like Cinderella's stepsisters with the glass slipper. Damn.

Alysha Ellis said...

I went shopping yesterday for my birthday - it was either that or drink myself into oblivion - and there were boots on sale. I do not need leopard skin boots, but I almost bought them - just to make me feel better about not having my warrior woman boots. But those leopard skin boots were very, very cheap - and looked it. Okay, I'm a tart but I want people to have to get right up close and personal before they can tell that.