Monday, June 4, 2012

Passion’s Wings
Seraphina gave a last reassuring pat to the tower of powdered curls on her head, subtly adjusted the placement of her jewelled mask, smoothed the gathered heaviness of her white satin and velvet gown, wriggled her shoulders to settle the weight of the angel wings on them and stepped forward into the ballroom.
The tall vision in white and silver, breasts round and blushing, trembling on the edge of the low cut neckline, the long line of leg covered by the voluminous swathes of her dress but hinted at by the sensuous swing of her skirts as she moved, piqued even the jaded appetites of eighteenth century France.
Music played, but the gloriously costumed creatures in the Versailles inspired mirrored room were more intent on dalliance than dance. Every person there was a member of the aristocracy and knew perfectly well the behaviours expected of polite society.  They also knew at this ball, masked, private and known to only a select few, those behaviours had been put aside.
Marriages, made for reasons that had nothing to do with love or attraction, were forgotten. Random couplings were part of the entertainment, where costume, if one chose to wear it, and the anonymity of masks, gave license to behave in a way that would shock the bourgeois citizens of Paris.
From out of the crowd, a man, taller even than Seraphina, gorgeously clad in a silver-laced frock coat, and silver breeches, clocked stockings on his shapely calves, his shoes diamond buckled and sporting red heels, stepped in front of her and bowed low. “An angel has graced our festivities.” He looked up from where his lips caressed the hand she offered. Behind the mask, his eyes, as intensely blue as her own twinkled with amusement at a secret Seraphina could not guess. “How delicious an irony.”
Seraphina raised arched brows. “Irony, sir? How so?”
He hesitated for a moment, then spoke. “Why, only that in this den of iniquity it is surprising to see one who represents such purity.” He tucked Seraphina’s arm in his. As logical as his words were, Seraphina had the impression he had not told her what he really meant.
With no more than a glance he brought a footman to his side and procured two glasses of champagne. The first sip exploded in her mouth. “Oh, I am drinking stars!”
His shapely lips curved. “This is a new experience for you, Madam?”
“Yes. Oh Yes.”
“It is refreshing to see someone express enjoyment. Ennui is very much the style here.”
Seraphina glanced around. Her eyes glittered. “There is so much to see, so much I want to experience and I have such a short time.”
“Ah. A jealous husband perhaps? If your time is limited, let us make the best use of it.”
He walked with her through the curtains at one end of the ballroom, into an alcove where lounges lined the walls. The true nature of the evening’s entertainment was revealed. A Dresden shepherdess lay on her back, her flounced and ruffled petticoats frothing around the head and shoulders of the harlequin who knelt between her thighs. His head bobbed as he kissed and licked, an erotic dance choreographed to the musical score of the moans and sighs of the shepherdess.
Seraphina gasped, but she leaned forward, her eyes widening as she took it all in. Her companion looked not at the scene in front of him, but at the angel by his side. He stroked her cheek. “So warm. You blush, my angel. Can it be that you are not so worldly wise after all?”
Through tightened throat, Seraphina gasped out. “No. I haven’t... I wanted to see... but I didn’t know...”
His arm, where her hand rested, tightened against his side, pulling her in close. “Do you wish to leave? Does it offend you?”
Seraphina slowly shook her head. “No. I want to...” She turned to look at him, put her hand to her breasts. “It makes me feel, fluttery, warm...”
The man slid his finger under her chin, lifted it and lowered his lips to hers. His mouth moved softly, subtly, until her lips opened under his and his tongue moved and mated with hers. Again she tasted stars. Sensation fizzled and popped where his tongue stroked and explored. Hers moved shyly and his arms tightened around her. She was surrounded by his scent and taste, warm, honey sweet. Its depth and intensity weakened her muscles until she clung to him as her only support.
Long, long moments later he pulled back and looked at her, his breathing heavy, his eyes under the mask hooded, the wide black pupils almost obscuring the celestial blue. “You are divine, my angel.”
He bent his head again and this time Seraphina heard the music of the spheres, its clear perfection sweeping her into a new realm. Her lover moved, forcing her backwards. She prepared to sink onto one of the vacant couches. “No.” His deep voice whispered in her ear. “We do not make sport for lesser beings.” He took her hand and led her out, up a staircase and into a private boudoir. He turned the key in the lock. Flames danced in his eyes as he stepped forward and unbuttoned his coat. “Turn around.” His voice commanded, left no room for hesitation. Seraphina did as she was told.
He unlaced her dress, discarding the attached wings. He pushed the gown off her shoulders, running his hands slowly across the smooth skin of her back, lingering on her shoulder blades long enough to make Seraphina stiffen in trepidation. He murmured, “I wonder.” But before Seraphina could ask him what he wondered, he pushed the dress and all its petticoats down past her hips and turned her for another kiss, hotter and more arousing than the last. He lowered her onto the bed, stripped off his own clothing and came down onto one knee beside her. He ran a long finger over her rosy, aroused nipples. “But how delightful, my dear. No underwear at all.”
Seraphina felt her face heat. “I didn’t know about underwear.”
He laughed. “I dare say you didn’t. Some information is hard to come by, isn’t it?”
Her brow wrinkled. His words seemed to hint at knowledge he couldn’t have, but before she could think more, he kissed her again and all thought flew from her head.
His hands slid over her body, leaving a trail of sparks in their wake. Her skin tingled and heated, making her twitch and squirm with a fever of desire for something she couldn’t name or describe but knew she needed more than she had ever needed anything.
His warm, moist mouth dropped to her nipples, sucking and licking. A line of fire flashed its way to the hollow place between her legs. She groaned and let them fall open. His hand cupped her, and he slid one finger along the hot moist crease until in slid into the slick velvet grip of her pussy, his thumb caressing the hard little nub of her clit.
She stiffened, then a delicious languor spread through her, making every muscle melt into a warm, receptive puddle. His thumb rotated, faster and faster, whirling her tighter again until she arched and screamed as wave after wave of sensation pulsed through her. She was still quaking when he slid down the bed until his mouth replaced his thumb. His tongue flickered and he sucked her clit in the hot recesses of his mouth. His teeth scraped it lightly.
His fingers slid backwards and forwards inside her vagina, spreading the moisture, stretching and preparing her.
Her head twisted from side to side as the coil wound up once more, pulling her toward yet another shattering climax.
This time when she opened her eyes, his heavy cock was lodged at the entrance to her vagina. He leaned on his elbows, his hands cupping her head. She focused on his face, his eyes, still covered by the mask, locked on hers. His beautiful mouth moved. “Are you ready?”
She nodded and he took her with one swift thrust. She tensed at the short sharp pain, then gave herself up to the startling, wonderful thickness of his cock filling the void.
His powerful shoulders shuddered and a sigh of ecstasy escaped his lips. “So many firsts for you tonight, my angel.”
And then he didn’t say another word. His hips flexed, driving his cock in and out with frantic need, the smooth, controlled lover buried beneath the wild flow of desire. He took Seraphina with him, higher and higher until they stood at the edge of the precipice and hurtled off together, flying into an unknown sky where light burst in iridescent rainbows around them.
When long moments later consciousness returned, Seraphina turned her dazed eyes upon him. He slumped beside her but under the pressure of her gaze he turned and pressed a gentle kiss upon her lips. “So beautiful, my angel.”
She lay there in a haze of satisfaction and love until far way, in some other room, a clock chimed. She idly counted the bells, ticking them off in her mind. When they got to four, she held her breath, waiting for the next, the chime that must follow if they were to add up to twelve. Silence. Horror hit her. She had been supposed to leave at midnight. If it had been one, even two o’clock, she might have made it back without being caught, but four!
She leapt out of bed, grabbed her dress and fled. As she bolted from the room her lover raised himself up on his elbow, gave a faint smile and whispered, “Au revoir, my angel.”
Her flight occupied all of her thoughts. She raced past startled ball guests, out into the darkened grounds. She dragged her real wings and robe out from under the bushes where she’d hidden them, transformed herself and hurtled skywards, all the time praying, “Don’t let them catch me.”
Her prayers were wasted. When she reached the Pearly Gates, a trio of warrior angels waited, arms folded, faces grim. One stepped forward and grasped her arm. “You have been on earth.”
Seraphina braced herself. She had been caught, she would be punished, but she would not let them break her spirit. The experience she had was worth anything they could do to her. She straightened her spine and stared at them.
“This is not the first time you have left heaven, is it?” The warrior’s voice was accusatory.
“No.” Good, she sounded firm and in control. “I was curious. I needed to know what it was like.” She looked at their disapproving faces. “I could have done worse. I was tempted to go with the others when Lucifer led them away, but I stayed.” Her resolution wavered. “But I’ve always wondered what it would be like, so I’ve made a few short visits. And I bet I’m not the only one. Who does it hurt?”
The warrior angel glared at her. “It is against the rules and it is not up to you to decide what causes harm and what doesn’t.”
“Am I to be punished?” She hated the little girl fear she heard in her own voice. Whatever else, after tonight’s events, she was a woman. She cleared her throat and spoke firmly. “I don’t care what you do to me. Throw me out of heaven if you want.” She thought of her lover and smiled. “I’ll go happily.”
“No. You will remain here, where you will be re-educated under watchful guard to ensure you never escape again.
For the first time, Seraphina felt truly defeated. Watched constantly. Confined here for eternity. To never find her lover and never, ever have those moments of delight with the man she loved. The word made her blink away a tear. As absurd, as impossible as it was, in those few short hours she had fallen in love with a perfect, nameless, beautiful stranger she would never see again. Sorrow overcame her and she bowed her head.
The warrior continued to speak, chastising her and pronouncing her sentence. His words droned on, making little sense, not penetrating her pain. It was only as he reached the end of his speech that she heard what he was saying. “...senior archangel has appointed himself your warden. You will be under his constant care and constraint.”
Through the tears blurring her eyes, she saw the golden glow of an approaching archangel. These were the upper crust of Heaven’s denizens. An angel as low in the ranks as she was seldom, if ever, saw one. The warrior angels beside her fell silent. The archangel came nearer, stood before her, and still she didn’t look up.
The angel who held her, let go and said, “You will leave with your custodian. Do as he bids you at all times.”
The archangel took a step forward.
Seraphina gasped.
Poking out from under the glowing hem of the archangel’s robe was a silver shoe with a diamond buckle and a red heel. She snapped her head upwards and met the amused and loving gaze of a pair of celestial blue eyes.
His hand closed about her elbow. “Come, my angel.”
The End

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